Schedule: Phase 1. 1-8 June 2011

ISG Seminar Work Plan. (In process)

Phase 1: 1 – 8 June 2011

[Note of 20 May 2011. These materials are still in incomplete working draft form. They will be further developed, and will be fully on line and ready to go at 09:00 on 1 June 2011. Bearing in mind that there are three main stages of the program, this being only the first.]

This preparatory stage is organized in four main parts as follows:

1. Familiarize yourself with the SDBS “work book”
Please spend some time working your way through the material and tools that have been brought together in the main working site at, but also the small documentation depot at and the Facebook Group site at

2. Signing in:
Registered students are required to prepare and submit a one page bio note, photo and short statement of their expectations, hopes for the course. (You will find a rough example here).

3. Speed Research – Short Report Presentation (Day 1)
All students are asked to take advantage of the time in the preceding week to prepare a ten minute speed research presentation to be made in the afternoon session of the June 9 class. The objective is to see how they handle the task of “speed research” on any one on the following list of topics . (List still in process, you may find some help with some of these in our document center. You may also find value in going through the Key Links you will find in the left column)).

1. Any related topic you want – please check with me first before starting work on it though.
2. Agenda 21
3. Brundtland Commission
4. Carbon tax
5. Carsharing
6. Climate modification
7. Club of Rome
8. Corporate social responsibility
9. Dematerialization
10. Factor of four
11. Global footprint
12. Global warming
13. Jane Jacobs
14. Limits to Growth
15. Seven billion people (Ten billion?)
16. Silent Spring
17. Tragedy of the Commons
18. UNIDO and sustainable development
19. WHO and sustainable development
20. World Bank (or the IMF) and sustainable development
21. World Business Council for Sustainable Development
22. Envisioning Information
23. Value capture/Land value taxes
24. Carbon trading
25. Greenwash
26. Pay as you go insurance
27. IEA Biofuels Roadmap
28. Les limites du systeme automobile
29. Inconvenient Truth
30. Parking
32. Future of the automobile in the city
33. One Laptop per Child
34. Brave nuclear world
31. etc. your pick.

Orientation of presentation:
We will want to hear from you not only to tell us about what this particular report/event/strategy might mean, but also to share your first remarks with us on what message you get from it when it come to the sustainability/business interface. Both problems, constraints and opportunities. (Of course you will not be able to dig very far into that, but you will have more time for the longer presentation that will take place on Tuesday. This will however give you some first feedback from the discussions which hopefully will help you as you take your idea the next stage.

Short written report of no more than two pages consisting of (a) short methodological note, (b) citation of at least three sources consulted for presentation; and (3) your presentation notes (perhaps in the form of bullet points)

Note: You may chose to make this first short report as a trial run for the full 50 presentation on 10 June. And possibly beyond that your main course paper. The idea for those who chose to take this course is that you can get iterations of feedback from the class. (And possibly from the auditors, though that has yet to be nailed down.)

Phase 2: 9 – 11 June (To follow)


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