Who cares about Sustainable Development, Enterprise & Society?

This may surprise you, but it is, I would say, a striking illustration of the importance of our topic.  This web site prepared over the last two weeks for the ISG MBA Seminar starting on 1 June, which is not even quite complete  as of this date, and which has not been announced and for which we have blocked search engine access, has nonetheless somehow drawn the attention of visitors in more than thirty countries. What is going on here?

As I read it, this little map makes a pretty strong statement on our topic. You can clearly see where the interest is. But the blank areas also send a message. The close to zero interest of our topic in Africa and the former SU countries are striking, and the absence of any expression of curiosity from mainland China is of course related to langauge and internet barriers, but perhaps a bit more?

Let’s see how this looks once we have completed this first seminar and made the results available to Google and the other search engines. Come back in early July.


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