ISG planning notes: Quick Reports (to be updated)

This section presents background on the cycle of short reports  to be prepared by the class members, as part of their reporting and presentations to the group on selected key references. The reports will be organized and presented by Session, and annotated with key words to facilitate their retrieval.

If you study the Dashboard, you will see a wealth of reference material that we have put a single click away from your keyboard, far more than you can expect to be able to read and master in the three short days we have together. So we have to do a bit of work sharing to get us all through this in style.

Required Reading list:
To this end, each student is asked to report to the class on two major articles, papers or reports taken from one of two reading lists. The first is the Required Reading list. We ask that you at least scan all of the thirty papers and summaries that you will find here. It is a lot, but once you have worked your way through that list so that you have at leat a first familiarity with the content, you will be on our way to knowing at least the broad outlines of our field.

The second reference area is the full rich body of references found in the bottom half of the Dashboard, There are thus far more than one hundred of them organized in ten main categories (you will see them just to your right here).

To get started on the latter, we would ask you to select at least two items in each category and give them each a good scan so that you develop a first understanding of what they are all about and how they fit in with the broader patterns we are looking at here. As you chose your titles, look for different kinds of things and approaches, in the hope of finding some good surprises. As we say: “you never know where the next good idea is going to come from”.

Then choose from all this speed reading two titles for your report to the class. Each selected report is to be the subject of a lightning five minute presentation and discussion, in which you summarize the main lines, findings, conclusions, of the article. The student will them prepare a short written review and commentary ca. two pages, no more, that will be posted on the site for other to see and possibly comment if they wish to do so.

I warmly suggest that you start your reading and preselection of your report preferences at your first convenience. We can then discuss and finalize during the opening morning session on Thursday.

Nobody ever said that sustainable development was going to be easy.


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