Guest speaker presentations: 2011

We were very fortunate to have visits and presentations by three of the leading world figures working with different approaches to advance carsharing as a sustainable development strategy during our three-day seminar. You will find their presentations here, and below a short background note on each. To whom we all owe a sincere note of appreciation. Thank you Robin,. Nicolas and Sylvain for your inspiring and challenging presentations.

Robin Chase

First background   Robin Chase, widely known as one of the innovators behind Zipcar, has spent a number of years looking at different ways of sharing . . . cars. Her latest venture is Buzzcar, a peer-to-peer carsharing service starting in France.

Nicolas le Douarec

First background:  Co founder and CEO of Cityzencar. Co founder of mobizen, 15 years within the BP group, serving in 8 high profile executive and leadership positions.

Sylvain Marty

First background  French director of pathbreaking Paris Autolib’ project,  Sylvain Marty also worked as a senior team member in planning and implementing the city’s world-famous Velib project.



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