Presentation of Paris Autolib’ carsharing project: “A new way of getting around in cities”

In this seminar we try to take a wide-open critical look at the junction of sustainable development, business and society, and within this framework we are considering a certain number of case studies that have to do specifically with sustainable transportation and sustainable cities projects and approaches.  We try to select examples which go well beyond the specifics of a given place or technology. 

One of the first of these has been a presentation by the director of the highly innovative Paris Autolib’ project which is aiming to put  3000 small electric cars onto the streets of the city for easy and affordable use by all.  System start-up is scheduled for end-1011. This presentation was made to the Seminar by the director of the Autolib project, Sylvain  Marty.

We particularly encourage questions and discussions of the public-private partnership aspects of the project.

* Click here for Presentation Autolib’-isg 10 06 11

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