Guest Speakers 2013: Ayres, le Douarec, Laprès

Thursday, 6 June at 14:00

robert-ayresProfessor Robert Underwood Ayres is an American-born physicist and economist whose  career has focused on the application of physical ideas, especially the laws of thermodynamics, to economics; a long-standing pioneering interest in material flows and transformations (Industrial Ecology or Industrial Metabolism); and most recently to challenging held ideas on the economic theory of growth. Trained as a physicist at the University of Chicago, University of Maryland, and Kings College at the University of London (PhD in Mathematical Physics), Ayres has dedicated his entire professional life to advancing the environment, technology and resource end of the sustainability agenda. His major research interests include technological change, environmental economics, “industrial metabolism” and “eco-restructuring”.

In his presentation to our seminar and in  the following question period Ayres will be reporting on one important aspect of the future of the planet, which holds out some interesting clues for the future career and expertise choices of young people looking at a future business career.  But his point of departure may surprise: he will open with a tough look at the on-going financial crisis facing and already to an unfortunate extent crippling the world economy.  As he rakes through the smoldering coals of a world soon to be  saddled with post-peak oil prices that will never again come back to “normal”, he may have a few clues for your future.

* Ayres presentation notes on Economic Growth Enigma: Money or Energy here.

Friday, 7 June at 14:00

Nicolas le Douarec: “I am co-creating and investing in innovative businesses, Nicolas le Douarec-portraitenabled by emerging technologies, and surfing on social and behavioural trends. After graduating from French Grandes Ecoles, I spent 15 years within the BP group, serving in 8 high profile executive and leadership positions. In 2006, I set up, co-founded and ran mobizen, a carsharing operator in Paris, France. In 2008, I sold mobizen and joined Veolia to lead Veolia’s response to the Autolib RFP. Upon losing the bid, I went on and co-founded and lead CityzenCar, where neighbors can share their own cars. I aspire to becoming a master at leading people and organizations through large, complex, deep, and sustainable change. ”

* Le Douarec presentation notes on Questions to your Answers here.

Saturday, 8 June at 14:00

daniel-lapresDaniel Laprès speaking to The Challenge of Sustainable Development for China.

* Background and reading notes here.





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