Guest speaker: Robert Underwood Ayres

Professor Robert Ayres will be joining us as a guest speaker on Thursday at 14:00.  You will find a short bio note summarizing some of the high points of his career and prolific  output just below.

In his presentation to our seminar and in  the following question period Ayres will be looking at one important aspect of the future of the planet, which holds out some interesting clues for the future career and expertise choices of young people looking at a future business career.  But his point of departure may surprise: he will open with a tough look at the on-going financial crisis facing and already to an unfortunate extent crippling the world economy.  As he rakes through the smoldering coals of a world soon to be  saddled with post-peak oil prices that will never again come back to “normal”, he may have a few clues for your future.

Robert Underwood Ayres

American-born physicist and economist.

Ayres’s career has focused on the application of physical ideas, especially the laws of thermodynamics, to economics; a long-standing pioneering interest in material flows and transformations (Industrial Ecology or Industrial Metabolism); and most recently to challenging held ideas on the economic theory of growth.

Trained as a physicist at the University of Chicago, University of Maryland, and Kings College at the University of London (PhD in Mathematical Physics), Ayres has dedicated his entire professional life to advancing the environment, technology and resource end of the sustainability agenda. His major research interests include technological change, environmental economics, “industrial metabolism” and “eco-restructuring”. At various times he has acted as a consultant to the White House, National Goals Commission, Office of Management and Budget, Transport Canada, OECD, Statistics Canada, and numerous UN agencies. He set up and ran for several years the innovative program on Technology, Economy and Society at IIASA, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Laxenburg Austria, and retains his long term affiliation with that institution.

Professor Ayres joined INSEAD in 1992, becoming the first Novartis (formerly Sandoz) Chair of Management and the Environment, as well as the founder of CMER – the Center for the Management of Environmental Resources. He directed CMER from 1992-2000, when he retired. He remains an active member of INSEAD, producing numerous publications on topics ranging from Industrial Metabolisms and Industrial Ecology, through Environmental Policy and Technology Evaluation, Economic Growth and Environmental Regulation, Environmental Economics, to Ecorestructuring.

Presently: Visiting Professor Chalmers University Gothenburg (Sweden) and Emeritus Professor of Economics and Political Science and Technology Management at the European Business School, INSEAD in Fontainebleau France,

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