Welcoming letter

Lyon, 17 May 2013.

Executive summary: Go to http://wp.me/P1zD54-hS  and follow the guidelines.


My name is Eric Britton. I am your professor for this the third edition of Sustainable Development, Economy and Society to be held at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion. We were the first-ever course at the ISG to examine sustainable development issues, patterns and opportunities back in 2011. Each year there are about a dozen students from almost as many countries in the class, and this year it appears that we are faithful to this pattern.

Because all we have together is three short days to organize our thoughts on a topic that is sufficiently complex to challenge (and often to defeat) some of the brightest people in the world involved in public sector institutions, academia, NGOs and in the private sector as well, our first step has to recognize the full dimensions to the ongoing planetary experiment before us. Sustainable development is a complex, poorly understood, and often highly contradictory  concept — imposing a new and very different series of constraints — but also opening up a new world of opportunities.  And this will be the challenge we will face together.

So to hit the ground running when we first meet at 09:00 sharp on Thursday the 6th at 24, rue Saint-Marc, I invite you to check out the comprehensive website we have developed in support of the course, which you will find at http://sustain.ecoplan.org. I will tell you more about the website and our in-process preparations for the formal course opening in the coming days

But for now I would ask you at your very first convenience to go to the page “2103 Student Profiles” at http://wp.me/P1zD54-hS  which provides instructions for your “signing in” to the course by providing us with a bio note, picture, and a few other important introductory items that are clearly set out there.

Finally for today, I invite you as well to have a look at the important background info on course organization and expectations which you will find on the top menu under the link 2013 MASTER CLASS.  It will take you a bit of time, but as things move on you will find that this is time well spent.

More to follow, but for now let me encourage you to get that first batch of “profile” materials  back to me at your first convenience. As soon as I have your responses I will post them to the site for all to see. If I have any questions, I will contact you immediately to sort them out.


PS. Office hours and contact points: Under the Professor entry in 2013 Master class section.


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