Commenting the Sustainable Development Timeline

iisd timeline coverThe base document for this class exercise is the Sustainable Development Timeline as developed annually since 2002 by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, a Canadian-based, international public policy research institute for sustainable development. Starting with the release of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in 1962, the IISD  Timeline highlights key meetings, environmental events, publications and other milestones that have paved the path toward sustainability. This year we shall be reviewing and commenting the 2012 edition, the latest available in this series.

* Click here for 2012 SD Timeline.

* And here for 2013 Timeline Presentations

This exercise is part of the pre-seminar preparations.  The discussion will be organised as follows: After a short presentation giving some broader context, each assigned student (see below) will be asked to quickly present and describe all the items on her or his assigned page, taking one of them for more detailed presentation. You are invited to use  any sources you wish as background for your comments, but we would ask you to identify them at the opening of your presentation. Assigned page numbers and presenters are as follows:

  1. Aissatou Diallo
  2. Thuy Thuy Do
  3. Lisamarie del Carmen Escudero Jimenez
  4. James Alva Hanson
  5. Julia Kharchenko
  6. Thuan Le
  7. Marie-Cécile Le Breton
  8. Tingyu Liu
  9. Cho Mahama
  10. Anh Ngoc
  11. Nathalie Nomblot
  12. Delphine Tas

To conclude: a final overview discussion and commentary will be led by Andrea Copsey, who will be asked to comment on broad trends and the overall message of this group presentation and discussion. What’s going on here? Is the overall message positive or negative? Does sustainable development have a chance? Where might that lie?

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