The Battle of Ideas

How much is enough book coverThe area which we have to cover in our three days is vast, but it can help us if we spend some time putting our heads together to comment the ideas and positions of others who have been giving these matters a lot of serious thought. To this end, I have prepared the following  short list of recent articles and reports looking at our field from various and for the most part contrasting perspectives.That’s sustainable development for you: lively disagreement.

I propose that from time to time to take a break from the main flow of the course and share our ideas on a certain number of these contrasting topics. They are listed here in the order that I propose to take them up, so that you will be able to read them and organize your thoughts for the discussion. Two or three of these will be presented for discussions in each section, and our rapporteurs in each case will be taking careful note so that we have a record of our discussions and eventual conclusions.

  1. One more reason
  2. The death of innovation, the end of growth
  3. IISD on Business and Sustainable Development
  4. Due to lose? Well maybe not quite yet.
  5. It’s a very different century. Are you ready for it?
  6. How the Internet of Things Changes Everything
  7. Shooting for the stars
  8. Op-Ed: On Sharing and Innovation
  9. All Eyes on the Sharing Economy
  10. Change has to take root in people’s minds (before it can be legislated)
  11. Has sustainability become a risky business?
  12. How to Find New Ideas
  13. On the World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  14. Perverse Trade-offs – Ethical considerations in sustainable development
  15. UNIDO: Industry, Environment & Energy

* Please be sure to have either a print copy of each article or, ecologically preferable, the article on the screen of your computer so that you can participate fully in the discussions.

And your candidates?

And what about your own reading on the topic? Have you recently encountered an article or report that you would like to share with the class. If so please drop me a line with the topic and corresponding URL, which we can then communicate to the class.

And if it not in English?  No problem Google translate is good enough in most instances for the truly interested reader to get a fair feel for the topic. The only thing that I would ask in this case is that you also provide us with a good translation of the title in English.

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