Nicolas le Douarec on “Questions to your Answers”

Our second  guest speaker Nicolas le Douarec suggests that you take a few minutes during your preparatory week to view four short videos which he has carefully selected to set the stage for his “questions” presentation and the lively discussion that will surely follow.

–> Eddie Obeng: Smart Failure for a fast changing world – Click here

–> A quoi “ressemblera” le monde de demain – Click here

–> The future will be confusing, fasten your seat belts –  Click here

–> Steve Jobs, Stanford University Commencement Speech, 2005 – Click here

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About the speaker

nicolas-ledouarec-streetNicolas le Douarec: “I  co-create and invest in innovative businesses, enabled by emerging technologies, and surfing on social and behavioural trends. After graduating from French Grandes Ecoles, I spent 15 years within the BP group, serving in 8 high profile executive and leadership positions. In 2006, I  co-founded and ran mobizen, a carsharing operator in Paris, France. In 2008, I sold mobizen and joined Veolia to lead Veolia’s response to the Autolib RFP. Upon losing the bid, I went on and co-founded and lead CityzenCar, where neighbors can share their own cars. I aspire to becoming a master at leading people and organizations through large, complex, deep, and sustainable change.

cityzen word map


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