Wanted: Brave IGS student willing to write a term paper on SWYPE

Woman with Underwood typewriterHere are some of the raw materials for an article on the path of technology I have been trying to write on Swype: a virtual keyboard for  fast entry of text on smartphones and tablets where user enters text by sliding a finger (or stylus) from first letter of a word to its last letter, lifting only between words. And on the keyboard section of your phone or tablet have you noticed that the letters are just like on this type-writer, and which have followed the same pattern since 1873.

Here are some of the possible issues or building blocks for such a paper. I propose these because they are among those I have been working with. But you may have other and surely better ideas.

  1. American Civil War
  2. Disappearance of market for rifles and pistols
  3. Search for new products relating to manufacturer’s specific competences
  4. Finding the product – type-writer
  5. Figuring out how to key in words
  6. Hello QWERTY
  7. Resilience of a first-comer
  8. Phenomenon: Starting in 1990 mobile phones with ever smaller keyboards
  9. And through it all QWERTY and keys continue to prevail
  10. Alternative ways of entering text
  11. Oops. The “keys” actually just disappeared
  12. Welcome to SWYPE
  13. Learning systems
  14. What next for SWYPE (or post-SWYPE)?
  15. And what can you (the author) do next with what you have learned?

Get in touch if you wish to talk about this.

# # #

Starting to be a tight fit:

mobile phones sizes

Tight fit for Alice too:



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