ISG IMBA Class of March 2015: Getting Started

Since we are tackling in three short days a topic of such gargantuan complexity and overarching importance that it is eluding the world’s best and brightest statesmen, scholars, scientists, governments, international organizations, corporations, NGOs, the media, civil society, and caring citizens, the least we can do is to make sure that we get our basic organization in shape so as to take best advantage of our short time together.



 Signs of global warming in Australia

sded left menuWhat you have in this website is our proposed platform for organizing the primary working parts of the master class, including some rapid the pre-seminar run-up and preparations, the 24 concentrated hours we are spending together, and the two weeks of reflection and writing that will go into your final report.

< – – – Now click the colored bar just to your left. 

It basically contains the full curriculum, background and guidelines for the course.  Your best friend for organizational purposes will be the top three sections.  Play with it  bit and you will see.

This year we are not a large class, which to some ways of thinking might appear to be a disadvantage. However I consider it a great opportunity for getting the most of our time together and our ability to interact creatively with each other. We are lucky that such varied backgrounds, so this will give us an opportunity to look at and mull over these issues from a nicely diversified background. That is a real advantage given the nature of our topic.

I want us to exercise our intellectual and social curiosity, to put to work our capacity for team work and sharing,  challenge each other(including your professor), have fun (see , and learn a lot about this important topic, both through our own work and application, and from the others in the group. The big open window and blue sky in the class room is the internet, and we shall be making extensive use of it in our three concentrated days.  After all, we are going to try together to understand the world, the cure and the choices within which you are going to make your entire professional career, your whole  life even. A very different world from the one that I and your parents were born to.

Off we go, starting with a first review of (a) the Course Strategy and (b) our Schedule and Work Plan.

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