ISG 2013 Master Class – Final reports

Authors, countries, titles of final reports for ISG 2013

Note: All these reports have been placed in the SDES course library at writing on computer - fair use, however since they are the private property of the student you will not be able to access them directly there. If on the other hand you would like to see their report, please get in touch via and your request will be transferred to the author.

Yudi Briith Artunduaga-Dussa, Colombia.  Raising Awareness In The Population Of Neiva Colombia

Gustavo Antonio Chamorro Munoz, Chile.   Fair Trade

Andrea Copsey, USA.   Billions Daily Affected By Water Crisis: HSBC Water Programme

Aissatou Diallo, Gabon,.  Implement Photovoltaic Energy In Gabon

Lisamarie Del Carmen Escudero Jimenez, Panama.   The Rise And Fall Of Better Place

James Alva Hanson, Ghana.   Harmony: Sustainable Development And Curbing Corruption In Third World Countries

Yulia Kharchenko, Russia,  Sustainable Development In The Fashion Industry

Thuan Le, Vietnam.  Automotive And Sustainable Development

Marie-Cécile Le Breton,  France.  Water Crisis In The World

Tingyu Liu, China.   (Report in process)

Anh Ngoc, Vietnam.   Wealth Disparity In Vietnam

Nathalie Nomblot, France/Australia.  Protection Of The Great Barrier Reef Of Australia

Delphine Tas, Turkey/France.   Turkey – What Is The Position About Sustainable Development From Ecology In This Country

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