World Dynamics

[Working draft. Hang on]

What is going on with our  planet and with ourselves?  Where are we heading? In this session, we shall be looking at time series data and graphics which will help give us a feel for five of the basic on-going phenomena which are, for better and more often for worse, shaping and determining the health and the future of our planet.

Here are the six selected issue areas, along with the name of the peron who has been assigned to make this presentation and elad the dicussoins for a fifteen minute brainstorming session.

Make your choice as part of run-up;


  • World pop since beginning of Industiral Revolution
  • Net population growth in 2014 (est.)
  • Slected cities on each contnent (Including Chicago and Mexico City for the Amerias)


  • World energy consumption –
  • Running out of . . . oil, etc.
  • Fossil fuel prices
  • Prospects of renewables


  • Radius of daily life – 1800 – present – 2050, etc.
  • World car production
  • World Bicycle production
  • World Car parc
  • World Air travel –









Planetary Indicators

  • Emissions – CO2, Carbon
  • Deforestation
  • Water
  • Ice caps
  • Ocean temperature




Moore’s Law



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