Previous Term Paper Topics

ISG class 2013 - 2One of the strongest points of these ISG Master classes is that each year the students come from such a wide range of backgrounds and places. This gives us an opportunity to share ideas and views that reflect these often considerable personal and cultural  differences and as a result, greatly enrich the learning process. Here by way of example are a selection of titles and countries of author origin of some of the previous term papers submitted in past seminars.

Australia/France.  Protection Of The Great Barrier Reef Of Australia

Belgium. Rent-a-roof: A sustainable business model using renewable energy

Byelorussia. The United States/China Renewable Energy Trade Dispute

Chile.   Fair Trade: Sustainable Development or Good Business

Chile.  Planning a Public Bicycle Project for Santiago Chile

Chile. Environmental Consulting To Chilean Higher Education Institutions

Colombia.  Raising Awareness In The Population Of Neiva Colombia

France.  Water Crisis in the World

France.   ISO 14001 certification for a French company

France.  Grenelle de l’environnement

France.  “Eco-Friendly” Strategies are not (always) so Sustainable

Gabon,.  Implementing Photovoltaic Energy In Gabon

Ghana.   Harmony, Sustainable Development and Curbing Corruption In Third World Countries

Greece:  Auto-Share: A Carshare Start-up for Greece

Israel.  Better Place project and its expansion in Israel

Italy.  The Music Industry in the Digital Age

Japan.  Planning a Carsharing Start-up in Tokyo

Korea.  Korea’s Green Growth Strategy & Case study – Based on Samsung SDI

Panama.   The Rise And Fall Of Better Place

Rumania.  Sustainable Development in Romania.

Russia.   Sustainable Development In The Fashion Industry

Tunisia. Women and Sustainable Development: Achievements and Recognition

Turkey   What Is The Position About Sustainable Development  in Turkey

Turkey.  Establishing a recycling facility in Gaziantep

USA.   Billions Daily Affected By Water Crisis: HSBC Water Programme

USA. Assessing Irrigation Projects compatibility with Sustainable development

Vietnam.  Automotive And Sustainable Development

Vietnam.   Wealth Disparity In Vietnam

We need to add the 2014 topics here as well.

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Picture of 2013 Master Class participants

ISG class 2013 - 2


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