Why are all these people in all these places reading SDED?

SD reader map 30jun14

Recent SDED Visitors Map – as per 3 July 2014

What you have here is a modest shared public educational platform being run with close to zero resources, all while looking at  a very arcane and generally muddy area of public policy and practice.  As it happens it is being consulted more often than we would have guessed at first (since our goal was in fact to provide supporting information and guidance for the SDED Master Classes). Yet on any given day anywhere from a dozen to well more than 100 people may check into the site.  Ten leading countries s in order: France, USA, UK. India, Poland, Taiwan, Israel, Sweden, Uganda and Iceland.

And here is how readership looks in Europe for the same period.

SD reader map europe 30jun14

 I have to ask myself: (a) how did all these people find us. And (b) what is it they are seeing and perhaps learning here making a difference, in any way? To my mind, this brings up the words of William Butler Yeats on education: “Education is not the filling of a pail – but the lighting of a fire.”

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