Monday, 16 March. Quick Weekly Update and Checklist


  1. Complete four short assignments — Profile, Footprint, Notable Figures, Key Terms.
  2. Check to see if you are up to date: Top menu, ASSIGNMENTS, Completed Assignments To Date, Your Name
  3. Feedback: Make an effort to follow the work of the others via (a) Sign in to our site for automatic updates; (b) Facebook at; (c) LinkedIn at
  4. Complete and submit final report/essay.

calender march 2015DATES:

  1. 24 March: Brussels: International Workshop on “The new paradigm for business, government and society in the 21st century”. Hosted by IRU, European Commission and European Parliament. Keynote by Prof. Eric Britton. Open to class on invitation.
  2. 26 March: Draft report review available (optional: only if student wishes to have a final working critique)
  3. 6 April: FINAL REPORT DUE
  4. 13 April. Grades submitted to administration. Personal evaluations of each student completed and communicated to each of you. End of 2015 seminar.



  1. 15 April: Initiate collaborative book project (date and details to be confirmed). Tasks: Editorial, review and rewriting of individual essays
  2. 1 May: Negotiate with ISG administration to see if they wish to print book and distribute at time of 4 June public conference
  3. Mid-May: Complete manuscript of advanced draft to be submitted to each of you for comment and eventual suggestions for improvement
  4. 4 June, 18:00-20:00:  ISG Public Conference on Sustainable Development Facts and Strategies. Presentation of our book, participation of the class, public discussion
  5. 1-11 Dec. United Nations Climate Change Conference Paris (We may want to think together about some form of presence, participation there)



  1. Get in touch. I have two that essays I would really like to see some lively minds work with
  2. What happens when you combine Circular Economy with Design
  3. What does the New Technology Paradigm look like and what does it mean for you and the world. (I have working notes on that to share)



      1. No requirement of course. In the language of your choice (rough translation into English would be appreciated)
      2. For background – Inside world: 2015 World Streets Haiku Sustainability Slam at

The plan is now to leave you in peace for the week and to share an update with you all next week on Monday if it seems useful. In the meantime if you have questions or suggestions about any of this, please get in touch with me directly.

we had never met
but when we did we could hear
the planet sighing

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