Final progress report and follow-up of 31 March 2015

Lyon, 31 March 2015

  1. Progress report:This is the last progress report I shall be issuing for this class.  Since our course is organized a bit differently from the others,  I hope you find the checklist useful.  You can see where you stand in terms of the assignments thus far submitted — unless of course I may have missed something which is quite possible, and in that case I would ask you to get in touch with me immediately so we can bring both our collaborative learning platform and your postings up to date.

Class progress 31mar14

  1. Final grade: As indicated these four short assignments together constitute ca. 20 % of the final course grade, so it would be a pity to lose points for failure to deliver on task which are altogether within your competence. If you have questions about any that you’re not yet got to, let me suggest that you first check out the item on our web platform in the top menu *ASSIGNMENTS, where you will see in each case some background materials for the task.  On the other hand if you are not sure about which items would like to address, get in touch and we can talk about.  As you can guess I have a few ideas.
  2. Final report/submittal date: Due on Wednesday, 15 April 2015, midnight (and not one day more)
  3. Student commentary: You will note in the last column in the above graphic an item labeled “commentary”. Immediately after each course both students and professor carry out what I believe to be an interesting and highly useful exercise, which is to comment on the overall usefulness of the course and specific aspects, tasks or presentations, including class participation as well as the formal tasks, as a good way to cap our group learning exercise.  As you can see from the attached slightly edited sample of reports on one of the stronger students in recent years, I take this exercise quite seriously.  I also look forward with great interest to sitting your critical commentary and views on the course.
  4. Book project: Don’t forget this because it is something that I think you will all find useful and possibly even get pleasure from.  This is of course not part of the course and an entirely volunteer activity.  May I ask you before you turn back to work on your final paper to carefully read the posting at .
  5. 4 June public presentation: I will be in touch with you all once the final papers have been deceived integrated both on the collaborative book project and the presentation which is to take place on 4 June.

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