Update: 21 April Progress Report. Done, missing and next steps

ISG - progress report 21apr15

Dear Class,

Well you all made it with your final reports on time even for the last of you. Congratulations.  Most of them look pretty good at first viewing, and a handful of them strike me at first glance as outstanding. You will be hearing more from me on all this in the days ahead.

Please have a look  at the summary progress report below.  A small number of the quick reports are still missing, and it would be a pity to lose overall credit on your grade simply because these somehow got missed.  If you have any questions or doubts, let me know.  Otherwise take a look at a couple of the strongest postings in that category and compete with them for quality.

Likewise in a few cases I am still waiting to receive your signed Attestation of original intellectual property. If we don’t have that in our records, a grade cannot be given for the course.

I will get to the grading and personal private commentary sections – I take these last especially seriously – only next week since I am tied up with a short advisory mission in the coming days.

Finally, for today, I would like to invite you to spend a bit of time with our collaborative website and give some attention to a couple of the reports that might interest you most. And should you have comments or questions, don’t be shy about sharing them.

In May I shall be giving attention to preparing the promised book for us to remember each others’ and our own thoughts on our topic in the years ahead.  And if you wish there will be an opportunity for a one on one critical review and commentary, and the possibility of your editing and improving your report for posterity. At the same time I will be contacting several of you about making presentations in our formal conference of the 4th June. There will not be time enough for everyone to make a presentation, but we will take a few examples of very different approaches, and then give a chance for all of you to comment and question.








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