Be patient and persevere when you don’t hear

chinese horses running - chinese-painting ink P080084L

when you don’t hear the
hoofing sounds of horses put
your ear to the ground

My haiku for the class and memory of our time together with our exciting, difficult, elusive subject.

And for the latest on our Haikus from many places, let me point you to “Inside world: 2015 World Streets Haiku Sustainability Slam” at

# # #

A thought for last year’s class:

whatever we do
yes the planet will survive
doubts about mankind

Here is one from Taiwan, Hsin Chu, their “windy city”:

the great art is to
listen to the softest voice
even in the wind

# # #

From Malaysia:   Khoo Salma of the Penang Heritage Trust:

when trying to write
haikus on mobility
you have to stand still

# # #

From The Netherlands:

holland winter storms
cold sea endless threatening
yet warm breeze in heart

# # #

Now, are you inspired? Give it a try.  Don’t be shy.  It really is like a sudden sweet fresh breeze on your sweating face on a hot and humid day.





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