* Attestation of Original Intellectual Property

*               Sustainable Development, Economy & Democracy

ISG 2016 Graduate Seminar

Attestation of Original Intellectual Property

(All students are required to sign and return the following attestation with their final report)

Student Name:  ______________________________________

Country:              ______________________________________

Date:                     ______________________________________

Title and reference of report:  ____________________________________________

I hereby  attest that all content of my term paper submitted for this course is my own original intellectual property and has not been taken from other sources and used here without the referencing and attribution which is appropriate for not only all academic work but also anything which is published in any form.

I have carefully read the document which appears on the course website under the heading “Intellectual Property, Bibliographic Referencing and Citation” – http://wp.me/P1zD54-fA – and sign here to attest that I have fully respected the guidelines set out there.

I understand that all reports in this course are rigorously controlled for original intellectual content, and that failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in a failing grade.


________________________________      _____________________________

           Name                                                                                    Date

# # #


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