* Tell us who you are and what you expect

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Registered students are asked to prepare:

1, Short bio note with your background, country of origin, language(s), education to date and current/eventual career expectations or hopes – 100-200 words, with photo please

2. Paragraph or so giving your first definition/understanding of sustainable development, and finally a

3. Short statement setting out your  reasons for signing up and well as your expectations, hopes for the course (A paragraph or so will do).  

And also if your time permits:

4. Quick note on Sustainable Development perspectives in your country

And since we come  from  so many different places which gives us a chance to learn from each other, it would be excellent if you could add a short statement telling us about how the concept of sustainable development is viewed in your countryy of birth. Are they in your view ahead or behind the international curve?  What are the principal problems, barriers, eventual opportunities? And is this in the process of changing?

5. Paris Climate Agreement

Was your country one of the 195 signing the consensus declaration of the COP 21 conference in Paris last December?  (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Agreement for quick background)

As of this date 176 states and the European Union have signed theDecember 2015  Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) dealing with greenhouse gases emissions mitigation, adaptation and finance starting in the year 2020.

Do you know how exactly your country has committed to? Is that realistic in your view?  Any pre-seminar comments on that. (We will come back to this topic in our final session to see if any of you have altered your positions on this.)

This information will be posted here as received.


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4 thoughts on “* Tell us who you are and what you expect

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  2. Bio note: My name is Betsy Torres. I’m from Colombia (Bogotá), I’m Public Account and my undergraduate education is with a double program that includes a Master Degree in Financial Management and also this MBA. I have experience in financial and administration areas but working specially with organizations related with the environment conservation, I think that since my professional skills can contribute with the environment care, so the sustainable development is a topic really interesting for me, actually I took some studies about the evaluation of the environment impact of projects, and now my thesis work is about compensation strategies. To continue with the information about me, I can tell that about the languages that I speak, in this case are Spanish, English (improving), and Portuguese.

    2. I believe in the importance that the social responsibility has, and I think that sustainable development is one of the topics most important in this case, because, is my understanding that sustainable development is the process to reach development but thinking about the future, taking care about the consequences and trying to create strategies to be sure that all the consequences of this development are good.

    3. I have a lot expectations with this seminar because as is possible to see in my comments, is a topic really important for me, and I think that this can be a good opportunity to know more about. Specifically about the
    challenges for sustainable development for the mining industry, and design plans follow-up agreements.

    4. My country is going through a process of signing peace agreements, which are expected to be the first step towards sustainable economic and social development. so this process itself produces many new challenges. Also at this time we are in the process of designing laws that allow the use of natural resources, while ensuring responsible for such use, there is just coming issues such as environmental compensation for my thesis.

    5. About COP 21, yes Colombia is part of the agreement, I think is a first step, now we must think about what is next and how we will work to reach the results expected.

  3. Bio note: My name is Iryna Poliukhovych (23 years old). I am originally from Ukraine but during last 6 years, I am living and studying in Poland (Warsaw). I am an Erasmus student. I have done my bachelors degree in International Relations (Warsaw Management University) speciality Foreign Commerce. I am currently doing my master degree in Economics (Lazarski University) speciality Business in Eastern Markets. I have worked for AXA insurance company before I came to study at ISG in Paris. I speak Ukrainian, Russian and Polish fluently; English (trying to improve).
    My expectations from IMBA course was to acquire new skills. Get knowledge of business theory and how to use this knowledge in the real commercial world.
    Improve my leadership skills and understand my strengths during the learning process and what skills should I improve. Get the priceless experience and knowledge that results from interacting with students and professors from around the world. Become more open-minded, creative and easy adaptive to a rapidly changing business world.
    Sustainable Development perspectives:
    Sustainable development for my country is a sensitive issue. After independence, we have not reached that level of economic development or political reforms that European countries has. My country is in a severe state of stagnation despite all the efforts of our government to change it. I hope to get information about how we can change this and make a quick step in achieving sustainable development what is important for Ukrainian future independence.
    Paris Climate Agreement:
    In Ukraine, there is no clear science-based vision on energy, environmental and socio-economic future of the country in the long term. Development of climate policy towards low carbon development and adaptation to climate changes can actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Ukraine. Currently, Ukraine confirms its target of achieving the global agreement on the consensus declaration of the COP 21.

  4. my name is Hichem BELLAAJ, 31 years old, I am from Tunisia, I never lived in Tunisia, I lived my last 9 years in Dubai and last two years in France, I am an aerospace engineer, and I am working in a family company for now, We work in the food industry. I speak Arabic, English and French but my French not that good.

    what I expect from the course, I think this is one of the most important topic in this era, and we face a real problems in the world because of the pollutions, and I am very interesting in this topic, and I am very interesting in the renewable energy and how we can make clean energy and more efficient ways than what we have in the market now.

    about my country i don’t know a lot about how they are dealing with the environment problems because as I mentioned before i never lived there but i know that for now they don’t have plans in this field, but there is some small groups they work in projects to help the environment, and also there is some produce new machines to make clean energy.

    Tunisia was one of the 195 country, and they said that they will reduce the carbon by 46% by 2030, and it will be divide in two parts, first Tunisia can reduce it up to 13% by it self and the rest must be the investment from another country.

    i don’t think that they can do it for several reasons, there is a lot of corruption in the country and the law don’t work on everyone, the country not stable since the Revolution, i don’t think that they can take any investment from outside because its not stable.


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