scratching-headThis for-credit graduate course is proposed as a collaborative learning process which combines the usual classroom sessions with a somewhat ambitious internet support platform, the goal of which is to explore the topic of Sustainable Development, Economy & Democracy with a class of graduate IMBA students of the Institut Supérieur de Gestion in Paris. The classes are conducted in a round table setting, with full computer and communications support for all participants. Students are required to participate in a selection of assignments in the week prior to the actual seminar, and have to the end of the month  to prepare and submit  a term paper.

  • If you click to you will be taken to all of the postings and various instructions intended to prepare you to get best value out of the 2016 ISG seminar. If you work your way through these you will be fully prepared  and ready to go  as we sit down together to try to understand one of the world’s most complex and pressing challenges, starting  at 09:00 on Day 1, 9 June 2018.

Navigating this site

What you have here is our attempt to create an easy to use  “virtual classroom, shared library and communications lab” in support of the intensive three-day seminar which is to meet next at the İnstitut in Paris from 9-11 June 2018. We call what you find here our WorkPad. It is complemented by a dedicated Facebook page for communications and coordination, a Course Portfolio containing selected articles and references, and extensive collection of Links and References which constitute the lower half of this page.

Right Menu

In addition to the classic search functions – Keywords, Topic, Date — the menu to your right also offers a battery of useful tools and references, organized as follows:

Supporting Social Media

– – – > FaceBook
– – – > LinkedIn
– – – > Twitter
– – – > Google +


You will also see there a map showing the locations of most recent visitors to the site.

*     *      *

Using these and our other internet tools, the goal is to permit the students to prepare to take fullest advantage of the very full days three days of the Master Class. They will thus have a running start on our challenging subject.

Further details on the seminar organization are available here under this About section, while for more on the tools intended to support our dialogues, go to the Resources entry on the above menu.

If you have questions or suggestions for us, do not hesitate to contact me at or via Skype at newmobility. You will find details about office hours in the Contact section here.

Eric Britton

PS. Finally, let me make this point: that in 2016 even without the physical presence of a professor and a classroom, anybody who really wishes to educate themselves on the topic of this seminar will find much of what they need here. At least enough to get a grand start on this important topic. If you take this toolkit and apply yourself with diligence, first to what you find here as a starting point, but then beyond it by virtue of following the leads that are given and beyond that the clues that your good nose picks up – if you do this with genuine intellectual curiosity , well you will have a pretty formidable competence on our topic.


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