* Finding your way

reading a map - lost

1. First: Make sure you are in http://sustain.ecoplan.org (or https://sustainabiltyseminar.wordpress.com, same thing.)

2. Course blog”: Go to top right column and click the slot  where it says “* Click for free subscription.  At that point you will be sent a welcoming informing you see that you are “following the log along with xx “amazing people” (their words, not mine ;- ).  Since we are working on such a compressed timetable, I suggest you sign up for the daily updates.

3. Facebook: Click to https://www.facebook.com/SDED.dialogues and join the group page there. (Important for updates and clues).

4. LinkedIn: You might wish to do the same in LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Sustainable-Development-Economy-Society-3935832?trk=myg_ugrp_ovr (Note: A couple of hundred people are following this project via LinkedIn. I a,m not sure what that means but if you check it out this is quite an interesting group.)

5. Your profile: Then click to “Tell us who you are and . . .” at http://wp.me/p1zD54-Ex  and complete your profile as per the instructions (with maybe an eye to some of the others already posed by way of inspiration).

You are now ready to start the Pre-Seminar for which you next go to “ISG 2016 Start Here”  top left and work your way down the menu from top to bottom .

* Next stop: Course Strategy.- http://wp.me/p1zD54-mR

If that is not clear, please get in touch with your questions.

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