* Our Ecological Footprints

global footprint logoSustainability starts with each of us.  So in that spirit each member of the class is asked to calculate their own ecological footprint, and then in a round table presentation report it and comment in less than five minutes. A reasonable starting point for background is the WP entry at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecological_footprint, which you are invited to read and eventually comment.

There are numerous sites for making these calculations, one of the better known being the Global Footprint Network at http://www.footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/personal_footprint/.

I would like to ask you to calculate, record and report on TWO footprints:

(a) Your own as of this date as you are living it in Paris;

(b) Your country’s ecological footprint- available with one click at http://www.footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/footprint_for_nations/

You will be asked to present and comment in the first day discussions.

Note: The selection of countries is at this time limited on the calculator. So may I suggest that if you are in Europe, try Italy.  For the rest just make your best stab and take it from there. (And if you come in at less than one planet, show us how and then I am buying.)

This will give you the basis of your presentation and commentary to the class.

global footprint graphic


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