2011 ISG Students

Registered students are required to prepare and submit a one page bio note, photo and short statement of their expectations, hopes for the course.  You will find submittals by all the class member here.

We also ask that invited auditors do the same.


3 thoughts on “2011 ISG Students

  1. My name is Karim Watfa. I am a French national originally from Lebanon. I lived most of my life in Qatar, when I left to the States to continue my undergraduate degree and then graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. I’m completing my MBA in ISG, and have hopes of continuing to a PhD in the near future. I have worked for Bechtel International in the Gulf Region, and am now working at REEL, a French company that deals with nuclear defense and aeronautics — trying to tap client in the Middle East and greater Asia region. My previous job title was assistant commercial manager and today at REEL I am the marketing manager.

    Course Expectations:
    I hope from the class to be able to tackle the sustainable availabilities in the Middle East (as nothing is being done for it there) and see how that gap could be closed. I believe it could also be monetarily advantageous (though there seems to be a belief that it’s not).My frequent desire is to tap into undiscovered markets — and I belief that in the previously mentioned regions, a real potential exists for sustainable development of all kinds.

    Thank you.

    Karim Watfa

  2. About:

    I was born in Israel in a middle size city next to Tel Aviv but growing up I have moved a lot (6 cities in 12 years). My parents got divorce when I was 5 years old and my father moved to France one year later. As a kid I traveled about 3-4 times a year, in most cases to Paris visiting my dad, but also to other countries since traveling seemed to be a great and reaching knowledge experience. After finishing high school, and as it is mandatory in Israel, I joined the Israeli Army where I served 3.5 years. If as a kid I use to be some sort of a “Trouble Maker”, in the army I learned discipline, self motivation, perseverance, and perfectionism.

    After the army, as most Israeli’s do, I decided that I want to explore the world a bit further and so I found a job opportunity in Mexico in the city Puerto Vallarta. The job was in the retail diamond industry in which I started as a sales person, went up to a store manager, and then moved up to a position
    of assistant general manager responsible for the Sales, HR, and marketing departments (50 employees in total). I have stayed there for almost 4 years and
    during that time I also established two personal ventures. Even though I was working from an early age (13) I can honestly say that the working experience
    in Mexico was one of the best I ever had.

    About a year and a half ago I needed to come to Paris due to family issues and since I had no legal documents and any idea how to start establishing myself in
    France, I decided to join the MBA program in ISG. In this program I have managed to increase my business and social knowledge as I was exposed to multinational environment (both students and professors) and due to the diverse content of that program. What had been the top of the cream in this program was the fact that I found a topic for my thesis that was both interesting and enriching to me. the topic was: executives personal’ short-term gain and its effects on organizations that demand long-term planning and execution (Vision & Strategy ). As I am now working for ISG and as I enjoyed this program so much,
    there is still room for improvement. One improvements that was already added to the program was the sustainable development course which brings me to my second point of this blog: my expectation for this course!

    People tend to think that sustainability refers only to what many of us call “green”. For me, sustainability refers mainly to the on-going process of countries, organizations, and individuals to constantly improve their infrastructure, processes, and products to include safer, more productive and more friendly environment. Therefore, my main expectations from this course will be finding answers to following questions:
    1.What is sustainable development?
    2.What are the criteria’s one (countries, organizations, and individuals) should include in his sustainable planning?
    3.What are the risks in transforming existing processes to be more sustainable?
    4.How can one ensure long term sustainability?
    5.What/who are the barriers preventing sustainability?
    6.Where will it be easier to create sustainability? developed or undeveloped countries?
    7.What is the forecast for 20 years from now? how would the world should and would look like?


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