ISG Session 1 Report. 9 June 09:00 – 13:00

Rapporteurs: Karim Watfa and Maki Matsumoto

From Karim Watfa.

1. Introductions and presentation: Professor Eric Britton

2. Guest speaker: Zipcar creator Robin Chase:

  • Timeframe, we have to act now so that we see the improvement by 15 years timeframe.
  • Market Rate Pricing: the market allocates the appropriate price such as 12 m2 for a parking spot with a price tag of 0.60 Euros while a 12 m2 apartment rental is for 700 Euros.
  • Excellence of execution is vital: The 4 key factors: Marketing, Technology, Operations and Finance.
  • The notion of excess capacity: we use only a minimal usage percentage, meaning a car is only used at 10 % capacity instead of its fullest.
  • The technical infrastructure one of the main challenges.
  • Doing a good  business  can lead to being  green
  • The future is in the excess capacity theory, opportunities are emerging in the sector.
  • The idea is only the fun 2% of the work, the hardest part is to implement and succeed at it.
  • Introducing couch surfing as examples of excess capacity solutions and so the creation of Buzzcar.
  • ICE, only 20% is used.

3. Introduction to sustainable development Eric Britton:

  • Timeframe, starting from Adam Smith and steam engine in 18th century and through industrial revolution, Club of Rome,   Brundtland report, and following movement.
  • Student introduction and expectations: how to think of sustainable development and implement in each of our respective areas of the world.
  • The success of car sharing and how making money and being green could be the best solution.
  • Vélib in Paris, enough infrastructure and culture readiness to be able to succeed at the bicycle public transportation, unlike many other places.
  • Ecological footprint: example Karim 3.8 earths to sustain me.

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