ISG Session 2. Report 9 June 14:00 – 18:00

Rapporteurs:  Clement Fernandez

  • 1776: Adam Smith was not an economist but a moral philosopher: opened a new field
  • Industrial revolution: more and more resources and energy to become more and more productive
  • Man has 2 dreams and they determine the choices: being eternal, survival at all costs, being able to deal with all the challenges (sharing); being able to fly.
  • 1826: invention of automobile
  • 1961-62: death and life of great American cities (future is not automobile but more people); silent spring (about killing ourselves with pesticide)
  • 1968: club of Rome; looking at more local specific problems: limits to growth (population, food production, industrialization, pollution, resource depletion) -Tragedy of the common
  • 1972: UN Environment  Program = initiative were not effective
  • 1983: Brundtland Commission; prime minister of Norway try to understand the envt problems
  • 1987: Brundtland Report, definition of sustainable development:
  • 1989: Montreal Protocol about ozone: bring together scientist, gvt and industries for a program about ozone layer that has been attacked.
  • 1991: UN program, lot of money to spend for those who have an envt protection project
  • 1992: Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro
  • 2000: Earth Charter
  • 2006: Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth (movie): planet is at risk
  • 2006: Stern Review
  • 2007: Grenelle Environment
  • Karim’s Presentation reviewing this history + the Venus project
  • Short Movies: goofy in motor mania, the moonwalking bear, “One minute think”
  • Running out: water, oxygen, forest, biodiversity, arable soil, oil/fossil fuel, poles (glacier), mineral resources, clean air, jobs
    • Indifference, disunion, individualism, community, incompetence
  • Running over: population, air pollution, waste, heavy metal waste, global warming, speed, aging population (demographics)
  • 70% of the population lives in city: urbanization
  • To move toward sustainability solution: logistics, pricing, networking, sharing, youth, older people, enterprise, learning systems
  • Precautionary principle & The Skeptical Environmentalist

2nd period was the discussion of proposed thesis  topics

Name Subject Feedback & guidelines
Paola Eco tourism Generally interesting title but confusing in terms of revenue making
Maki Compact city Perfect subject and very interesting especially for Asia countries like Japan who have a tremendous problem with spacing
Michal Better place in Israel Interesting as a project but you need to diversify it further in order to expand the existing model.
Clement Eco-friendly strategies First determine a precise title and diversify it from the existing projects (Vélib, food carbon card etc.)
Alexandra Company dealing with sustainable development in Portugal Portugal is a very difficult market with very open doors for investing.


After the topic discussion a general overview of what we did all day long.


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