ISG Planning note: Proposal for today, 8 June 2011

In about 26 hours we are all going to show up at ISG and together run a three-day marathon called Sustainable Development, Business & Society.

Since that is the case, what is the best thing we can do in the day before, to be fully ready to go and do our best? The first I would say is to relax, stretch and do some light “running” as you wish, get some rest, and maybe think through your race in your mind – but in an agreeable, realistic, non-pressured kind of way.

So let me suggest that we all do this today: Forget anything about all the assignments and “required reading” I have put before you over the last week, and just live a full and enjoyable day. You can play around with the tools I have put at your disposal if and as you wish, but with personal curiosity and not some kind of looming sense of obligation.

And if you should nonetheless wish to think and browse a bit about a topic that combines all three of our perspectives –sustainable development, business and society – then you might try “Carsharing”. Use your tools and see what you get. We can then have some fun with it.

And when we meet tomorrow morning at 09:00 sharp, be ready to run.

Good luck.

PS. Who is watching you? Thought the program has not been announced formally beyond our immediate group and working contacts, nonetheless the world and Google being what they are, here you hae a map showing the last eighty or so people who dropped in to have a look at what we are setting out to do. Visitors thus far from more than forty countries on all continent. Small world, eh?


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