Useful sources and references

27 June 2014:

combined-search-engineThe site is undergoing a major update and expansion in Summer 2014. Even as is it contains many useful references, but for now at least the student and visitors will be obliged to use their imagination and judgment to make best use of it.  Think of it for now as a type of card catalog.

In addition we have developed with the help of Google Tools an efficient Combined Search Engine for this project which will allow you to search all the links gathered here with a single key word search. It works very well and uses all the standard Google search procedures.

Since this is a very large database, we suggest that to narrow your search to manageable dimensions it will be important to make good use of key words. putting quotation marks around key phrases and the usual Boolean AND/OR combinations. Let’s consider an example. If you call up “carbon tax”, you will have a very large number of hits, so a bit of narrowing might help. Thus if you add “China AND Kyoto”, for example you get a far more manageable collection. And if you don’t find what you are looking for there, a full Google search can be called up of your key words with a single click on the top menu.

* To go directly to our CSE click here – Combined Search Engine


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