* Finding your way

reading a map - lost

1. First: Make sure you are in http://sustain.ecoplan.org (or https://sustainabiltyseminar.wordpress.com, same thing.)

2. Course blog”: Go to top right column and click the slot  where it says “* Click for free subscription.  At that point you will be sent a welcoming informing you see that you are “following the log along with xx “amazing people” (their words, not mine ;- ).  Since we are working on such a compressed timetable, I suggest you sign up for the daily updates.

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* Session Reports and Rapporteurs

sustainable develoment cover - rapporteurFor each of our six sessions, we nominate one of our number to serve as rapporteur: their task being to follow closely the discussions and presentations during their assigned four-hour session, and to prepare a short report of activities, presentation, discussions, findings, conclusion and, if any, recommendations.

The objective in each case is to “report to your boss who is interested but cannot attend”. This approach is intended to ensure that the rapporteurs do not only make lists of topics presented, but that you show understanding and judgement. This is a situation in which you will find yourself often in your careers, so let’s get started today. This exercise will be taken into account in determining the final mark for the course.

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* Our Ecological Footprints

global footprint logoSustainability starts with each of us.  So in that spirit each member of the class is asked to calculate their own ecological footprint, and then in a round table presentation report it and comment in less than five minutes. A reasonable starting point for background is the WP entry at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecological_footprint, which you are invited to read and eventually comment.

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* Quick Reports

As part of the collaborative learning process each member of the class is required to prepare and http://sdes2012.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/raporteur1.jpg?w=229&h=131present to the class two  Quick Reports  on some aspect of our topic in which you tackle a topic, author, event,  institution or school of thought, which you then summarize, analyze and present with your comments to the others for their attention and critical reactions.


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* Final report guidelines

hand pen computer guidelinesThe seminar paper accounts for fully half of your final grade in this course.  The way in which you present it is important and in the following we set out the standards and details of presentation that we expect will be rigorously adhered to.

Once you have absorbed the following, I invite you to have a close look at the section on Bibliographic Referencing and Citation, to which you can link  here.

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ISG: Term Paper topics in a collaborative environment

The term paper is the heart of the course and the learning process behind it. We ask you to start organizing your thinking on this even before you come into the seminar the first time on Thursday morning. The present website is content rich and sets out a number of clues and ideas for this that you may find useful.
ISG 2015 group photo 2 - left side

And to the extent that this is agreeable to you, we would like to ask you at the very least to consider having at least some of the report dealing with ideas concerning the relationship between sustainable development and the problems, attitudes and opportunities within your own country. This however is your choice, so now let us get on with this short list, which in point of fact represent the curiosity of your professor who is curious to have the benefit of your thoughts on these topics

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