REPUBLICAN TAX POLICY: A cruel scheme to cut social security while gorging the military-industrial complex.

Trump Tax reform congress all males

The all-white, all male finance committees of both Houses of Congress got behind this bill.

With straight faces, the salesmen for the Trump tax cut have promised a miracle: increased corporate profits, a surge of investment in CAPX, more and better jobs with higher pay, all to be paid for by accelerated economic growth. In fact, the all-white, all male finance committees of both Houses of Congress, with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Chief Economic Advisor Hassett say that the US will grow at 3% p.a. or more for the next ten years – no recessions – and that the tax cuts will actually generate a profit for the government of $300 billion in that time. Sadly (and no irony intended) this combination of goodies is a pipe dream. In the next few paragraphs I will explain why, and why Trump and the Republicans are selling snake oil to the suckers. What is surprising is how many financial professionals are buying it.

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The Emergence of the New Circular Economy: A Bibliography

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– Bibliography compiled by Dr David Ness, School of Natural and Built Environments  13 July 2017

The modern view of a circular economy differs from the past. It has started in the second half of the 20th Century and is a case for the simultaneous and uncorrelated emergence of an idea

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How to tell a sustainable business from a greenwashing one: Interview

Interview with Paul Gilding

Ahead of the Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development, environmentalist and author Paul Gilding speaks to Eco-Business in a wide-ranging interview on the global climate crisis and human nature, and how some businesses will die in the next decade to make way for sustainable ones.

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Robert Ayres on Economic Growth Enigma: Money or Energy

robert ayres - 2Professor Robert Ayres will be joining us as a guest speaker on Thursday at 14:00.  You will find a short bio note summarizing some of the high points of his career and prolific  output just below. In his presentation  and in  the following question period Ayres will be looking at some important aspects of the future of the planet, which holds out some interesting clues for the future career and expertise choices of young people looking at a future business career.  As he rakes through the smoldering coals of a world soon to be  saddled with post-peak oil prices that will never again come back to “normal”, he may have a few clues for your future. Continue reading

On the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

The Geneva-based World Business Council for Sustainable Development got wbcsd logo-2underway in 1990 as part of the run-up Laos 50 major international corporations at the time in preparation for the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit.after joining forces with the International Chamber of Commerce in 1995 the number of organizations collaborating under this framework has continued to expand to the point where today there are 200 members.

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IISD on Business and Sustainable Development

canada iisd globeFor the business community, sustainability is more than mere window-dressing. By adopting sustainable practices, companies can gain competitive edge, increase their market share, and boost shareholder value. What’s more, the growing demand for ‘green’ products has created major new markets in which sharp-eyed eco-entrepreneurs are reaping rewards.

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