Towards a circular economy – Waste management in the EU

This report by the Scientific Foresight Unit (STOA) of EPRS- European Parliamentary Research Service examines the role of waste management in the context of a circular economy transition. The full text of the report is available here:


Key challenges relate to moving beyond the perception of ‘waste as a problem’ to ‘waste as a resource’. To this end high levels of cooperation are needed between the waste industry and enterprises engaged in circular economy business models. Collecting high quality waste streams for re-use, remanufacturing and recycling also requires citizen engagement and integrated infrastructure development from the municipal to the EU level.

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Wikipedia: First references

Bearing in mind that this is a course without a textbook or two to feed your wikipedia logoreading and guide the discussions, we have turned instead to the web and more specifically in this section to the Wikipedia for a certain number of introductory pieces, as sources of useful first information on concepts, terms, phenomena and forces, many of which have a role in shaping the environment of the next decade (the scope of this seminar) and beyond (the scope of someone else’s).

Uses and limits of Wikipedia and other Wikis

The entries need to be treated with caution of course, but in many cases they make a good first-stop shop when you are looking into a topic area for the first time. You can think of them as a first-stop shop for researchers, journalists, students and the generally curious citizen. First-stop, but not last-stop shop. OK?

In fact a certain number of them are exceptionally good as introductions and provide references and links for those who wish to go further (an excellent and perhaps a bit surprising example is the entry on Design). But again, it’s just a start.

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Robert Ayres on Economic Growth Enigma: Money or Energy

robert ayres - 2Professor Robert Ayres will be joining us as a guest speaker on Thursday at 14:00.  You will find a short bio note summarizing some of the high points of his career and prolific  output just below. In his presentation  and in  the following question period Ayres will be looking at some important aspects of the future of the planet, which holds out some interesting clues for the future career and expertise choices of young people looking at a future business career.  As he rakes through the smoldering coals of a world soon to be  saddled with post-peak oil prices that will never again come back to “normal”, he may have a few clues for your future. Continue reading