ISG Reports

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1. Communications and comments: E. Britton

2. Class Reports from rapporteurs

3. Guest speaker presentations

4. Selected media


One thought on “ISG Reports

  1. session 1: 9/06

    Zipcar creator Robin Chase:
    1. Timeframe, we have to act now so that we see the improvement by 15 years timeframe.
    2. Market Rate Pricing: the market allocates the appropriate price such as 12m2 for a parking spot with a price tag of 0.60euros while a 12m2 apartment rental is for 700euros.
    3. The 4 key factors: Marketing, Technology, Operations and Finance.
    4. The notion of excess capacity: we use only a minimal usage percentage, meaning a car is only used at 10 % capacity instead of its fullest.
    5. The technical infrastructure one of the main challenges.
    6. Doing a good “business” can lead to being “green”
    7. The future is in the excess capacity theory, opportunities are emerging in the sector.
    8. The idea is only the fun 2% of the work, the hardest part is to implement and succeed at it.
    9. Introducing couch surfing as examples of excess capacity solutions and so the creation of Buzzcar.
    10. ICE,only 20% is used.
    Eric Britton:
    1. Timeframe, starting from Adam Smith in 18th century and through industrial revolution, club of Rome, Brundland report, and following movement.
    2. Student introduction and expectations: how to think of sustainable development and implement in each of our respective areas of the world.
    3. The success of car sharing and how making money and being green could be the best solution.
    4. Velib in pairs, enough infrastructure and culture readiness to be able to succeed at the bicycle public transportation, unlike many other places.
    5. Ecological footprint: example karim 3.8 earths to sustain me.


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