Selected media

From time to time during the seminar we took short breaks to have a look at a very diverse collection of videos, the goal of which being not so much to “instruct” as such, but rather present a semi- but not entirely-random collection of metaphorswhich are intended to enrich the thinking and awarenesses of the students on the broader challenges and potential responses to the conundrum of sustainable development. Here is our latest collection of “1-minute movies”:

Working with the new media We live at a time when the people at the top, those  who have to make or influence decisions in our sector, are time-starved, over-burdened and, truth to tell, not about to spend a lot of time reading, or even listening or otherwise trying to ingest the great glaciers of data views and recommendations that are about to inundate and eventually freeze them solid for more thousands of years. But for those of us who see ourselves as change-agents, we need to find ways to capture their attention in order to widen their intellectual pallet in order to draw their attention to a range of new ideas and alterative problem-solving approaches beyond the ones that normally inform (and limit) their choices. Well, what about a series of attention-grabbing, lesson-purveying one-minute movies that can get them thinking in broader terms? And better than that, share with their families and colleagues. How this is going to work It is our dead-serious intention to make use of all the tools and tricks we can lay our hands on to get the basic message of this program across: namely that to save the planet, our cities and indeed ourselves, we really should be trying to understand better what happens if people start to think more in terms of not things, physical objects, but rather of services, i.e., whatever it is that they really need. You will find one or twice in this site the frequently quoted citation of Aristotle that . . . “On the whole, you find wealth much more in use than in ownership.” Our goal in selecting and sharing these short films is not to try to convert people in a single minute or two to our priorities and our way of thinking, but rather to familiarize them just a bit in a soft way about the fact that there are, in fact, other ways of seeing and doing things when it comes to getting around in cities. We want to open a few doors . . . but no pushing. We intend in this section to provide a certain number of very short videos that in our view can help get these points across. And since many of our international readers are not that familiar with fast-paced English dialogue, we shall try to limit ourselves to videos which are image- and not word-heavy. Here you have our first small handful of candidates for your attention. Your comments are most welcome. PS. The videos are of course more effective when viewed full screen.


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