David Provoost, ISG 2016: On Understanding the Link between Sustainable Development and Big Data for Business

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“Big Data” is a term referring to all the massive amount of information with which people can work in this 21st Century. It is fundamentally different from the casual denomination of “simple” or “historic” data because there is such a huge mass of information generated with Big Data that normal tools of treatment cannot deal with it. This change in the data itself is due to the technological revolution we call “digitalization”.

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Iryna Poliukhovych: Feminism and Sustainable Development in the Ukraine

Ukraine femnist posterMs. Poliukhovych is the first person from this year’s promotion to submit her term pepper in fulfillment of the condition of the course. Her title: Feminism and Sustainable Development in the Ukraine. Below you will find an excerpt from an early section of the report  which deals with the history of the women’s movement in her country. The full report will be available here at the same time the others are finalized (by or before 9 July)

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Profile: Hichem Ballaaj (Tunisia/Dubai)

ISG 2016 hisham bellaajmy name is Hichem Ballaaj, 31 years old, I am from Tunisia, I never lived in Tunisia, I lived my last 9 years in Dubai and last two years in France, I am an aerospace engineer, and I am working in a family company for now, We work in the food industry. I speak Arabic, English and French but my French not that good.

what I expect from the course, I think this is one of the most important topic in this era, and we face a real problems in the world because of the pollutions, and I am very interesting in this topic, and I am very interesting in the renewable energy and how we can make clean energy and more efficient ways than what we have in the market now.

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Profile: Iryna Poliukhovych (Ukraine)

ISG 2016 Iryna PoliukhovychMy name is Iryna Poliukhovych (23 years old). I am originally from Ukraine but during last 6 years, I am living and studying in Poland (Warsaw). I am an Erasmus student. I have done my bachelors degree in International Relations (Warsaw Management University) speciality Foreign Commerce. I am currently doing my master degree in Economics (Lazarski University) speciality Business in Eastern Markets. I have worked for AXA insurance company before I came to study at ISG in Paris. I speak Ukrainian, Russian and Polish fluently; English (trying to improve).

My expectations from IMBA course was to acquire new skills. Get knowledge of business theory and how to use this knowledge in the real commercial world. Improve my leadership skills and understand my strengths during the learning process and what skills should I improve. Get the priceless experience and knowledge that results from interacting with students and professors from around the world. Become more open-minded, creative and easy adaptive to a rapidly changing business world.

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Profile: David Provoost (France)

ISG 2016 David ProvoostMy name is David Provoost, I am a 24 years old French guy young graduate from engineering school in 2015. I am an electronical engineer specialized in embedded systems. I have done my graduation internship of engineering school at Altran Technologies in Strasbourg, in electronical development and electronical conception of medical imaging.

After my engineering diploma I wanted to learn more about companies in general in order to get a dual expertise in both technique and management. The reason why I enrolled myself at ISG after 5 years of engineering school is simple. The technical experiences I’ve had, either at school or in a company, made me work with a product on a concrete project, but never beyond that. It is totally normal, but it was then very frustrating to create something you know very well and not follow its evolution once it could be launched on the market.

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Profile: Betsy Torres (Colombia)

ISG 2016 betsy torres
My name is Betsy Torres. I’m from Colombia (Bogotá), I’m Public Account and my undergraduate education is with a double program that includes a Master Degree in Financial Management and also this MBA. I have experience in financial and administration areas but working specially with organizations related with the environment conservation, I think that since my professional skills can contribute with the environment care, so the sustainable development is a topic really interesting for me, actually I took some studies about the evaluation of the environment impact of projects, and now my thesis work is about compensation strategies. To continue with the information about me, I can tell that about the languages that I speak, in this case are Spanish, English (improving), and Portuguese.

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scratching-headThis for-credit graduate course is proposed as a collaborative learning process which combines the usual classroom sessions with a somewhat ambitious internet support platform, the goal of which is to explore the topic of Sustainable Development, Economy & Democracy with a class of graduate IMBA students of the Institut Supérieur de Gestion in Paris. The classes are conducted in a round table setting, with full computer and communications support for all participants. Students are required to participate in a selection of assignments in the week prior to the actual seminar, and have to the end of the month  to prepare and submit  a term paper.

  • If you click to https://sustainabiltyseminar.wordpress.com/tag/2016/ you will be taken to all of the postings and various instructions intended to prepare you to get best value out of the 2016 ISG seminar. If you work your way through these you will be fully prepared  and ready to go  as we sit down together to try to understand one of the world’s most complex and pressing challenges, starting  at 09:00 on Day 1, 9 June 2018. Continue reading