David Provoost, ISG 2016: On Understanding the Link between Sustainable Development and Big Data for Business

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“Big Data” is a term referring to all the massive amount of information with which people can work in this 21st Century. It is fundamentally different from the casual denomination of “simple” or “historic” data because there is such a huge mass of information generated with Big Data that normal tools of treatment cannot deal with it. This change in the data itself is due to the technological revolution we call “digitalization”.

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Iryna Poliukhovych: Feminism and Sustainable Development in the Ukraine

Ukraine femnist posterMs. Poliukhovych is the first person from this year’s promotion to submit her term pepper in fulfillment of the condition of the course. Her title: Feminism and Sustainable Development in the Ukraine. Below you will find an excerpt from an early section of the report  which deals with the history of the women’s movement in her country. The full report will be available here at the same time the others are finalized (by or before 9 July)

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* Final report guidelines

hand pen computer guidelinesThe seminar paper accounts for fully half of your final grade in this course.  The way in which you present it is important and in the following we set out the standards and details of presentation that we expect will be rigorously adhered to.

Once you have absorbed the following, I invite you to have a close look at the section on Bibliographic Referencing and Citation, to which you can link  here.

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* Term Paper topics in a collaborative environment

The term paper is the heart of the course and the learning process behind it. We ask you to start organizing your thinking on this even before you come into the seminar the first time on Thursday morning. The present website is content rich and sets out a number of clues and ideas for this that we hope you may find useful.
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And to the extent that this is agreeable to you, we would like to ask you at the very least to consider having at least some of the report dealing with ideas concerning the relationship between sustainable development and the problems, attitudes and opportunities within your own country. For example . . .

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A Wind Power proposal for Santiago de Chile

 Rudolf Flais Final Report: Sustainable Development ISG 2015

R. Flais final paper - wind installationFor some time now in Chile we have begun to have problems with sustainable development  and energy, especially in the area of how to have access to power supplies without damaging our environment. It is for this reason that a solution to this shortage of energy in an environmentally friendly manner is an important point in which we must be careful.

This paper aims to provide a basic analysis of a type of sustainable energy which tries to damage the least possible environment and to solve the problem of energy supply in the city of Santiago de Chile.

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Beyond Social Marketing

Nadine Richet final report: Sustainable Development  ISG 2015

Nadine Richeer final report - fostering sustainable behaviour imageThe concept of sustainability is perceived differently by different people, spread in different countries and belonging to different cultures. Yet, a large part of humanity around the world are still fighting to survive without any access to their basic needs (food, water, electricity….). Indeed, in most of the eastern countries (AFRICA, MEA, part of ASIA and LATIN AMERICA), most nations are still struggling against what we call ‘big causes’ such as war, terrorism, illness, famine and poverty. Clearly, their main objective is to protect their basic needs and rights to exist as human beings.

Discussing with them about sustainable behavior may be meaningless, irrelevant or furthermore a hurt to their emotions and feelings. It is so simple, all what they need is to keep surviving…The sustainability dimension is a sophisticated concept for them. While, in Western cultures, sustainability is an important issue even if it is not of high priorities compared to economic interests. Wealthy nations are quite engaged and conscious about this important issue. They are receptive to adopt a sustainable behavior especially if the right message is well tailored to their needs and values. They are ready to break with bad habits and replace them by sustainable one. They are ready to make the efforts to change in order to behave sustainably. However goals cannot be reached without the involvement of government, non-government institutions, nonprofit organizations and behavioral psychologists.

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