Previous Term Paper Topics

ISG class 2013 - 2One of the strongest points of these ISG Master classes is that each year the students come from such a wide range of backgrounds and places. This gives us an opportunity to share ideas and views that reflect these often considerable personal and cultural  differences and as a result, greatly enrich the learning process. Here by way of example are a selection of titles and countries of author origin of some of the previous term papers submitted in past seminars.

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Quick Reports

As part of the course credit each member of the class is required to prepare and a  Quick Report  on some aspect of our topic in which you tackle a topic, author, event,  institution or school of thought, which you then summarize, analyze and present with your comments to the others for their attention and critical reactions.

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Work Plan (in progress)

  1. Site objective
  2. Seminar objective
  3. Preparatory work
  4. Work plan for three days
  5. Follow up and term papers

Introductory note of 19 May 2011: The goal of this in-process website which is being launched on this date is (a) generally to provide support for the dense 9 – 11 June ISG seminar, and more specifically (b) to facilitate  pre-seminar preparation and participation by the registered students, (c) to open up the course to a certain number of invited auditors whose role it will be to follow, comment on, and at times to add ideas and references for the students, (d) to provide a handy place for the students to find comments, ask questions, and contribute working papers during the course of the three-day session, and (e) to help them over the month following as they work to prepared their term papers as the final part of their qualification for credit.

Please feel free to comment and offer suggestions here. Your input is part of the process.