New Circular Economy – A reference library

Complied in support of Master Class on The Future of Business: Circular Economy. 23 June 2017

  * Link to working library:!AivPCmA_7fpkh_0qYfxT0IX98O5ivg

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Master Class: The Future of Business: Circular Economy

École des Ponts Business School. Master Class of  23 June 2017

Business, management and society are changing at an ever-accelerating pace. École des Ponts Business School is proud to be at the forefront of leading and supporting novel research initiatives.

This event will lead a discussion on how Circular Economy is a “resource-full” alternative to the traditional linear “resource-depleting” economic model of produce-consume-waste. It allows the economic ecosystem to do ‘more with less’ and transition to sustainable growth that fosters innovative practice and thinking.

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