Profile: Hichem Ballaaj (Tunisia/Dubai)

ISG 2016 hisham bellaajmy name is Hichem Ballaaj, 31 years old, I am from Tunisia, I never lived in Tunisia, I lived my last 9 years in Dubai and last two years in France, I am an aerospace engineer, and I am working in a family company for now, We work in the food industry. I speak Arabic, English and French but my French not that good.

what I expect from the course, I think this is one of the most important topic in this era, and we face a real problems in the world because of the pollutions, and I am very interesting in this topic, and I am very interesting in the renewable energy and how we can make clean energy and more efficient ways than what we have in the market now.

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Profile: Iryna Poliukhovych (Ukraine)

ISG 2016 Iryna PoliukhovychMy name is Iryna Poliukhovych (23 years old). I am originally from Ukraine but during last 6 years, I am living and studying in Poland (Warsaw). I am an Erasmus student. I have done my bachelors degree in International Relations (Warsaw Management University) speciality Foreign Commerce. I am currently doing my master degree in Economics (Lazarski University) speciality Business in Eastern Markets. I have worked for AXA insurance company before I came to study at ISG in Paris. I speak Ukrainian, Russian and Polish fluently; English (trying to improve).

My expectations from IMBA course was to acquire new skills. Get knowledge of business theory and how to use this knowledge in the real commercial world. Improve my leadership skills and understand my strengths during the learning process and what skills should I improve. Get the priceless experience and knowledge that results from interacting with students and professors from around the world. Become more open-minded, creative and easy adaptive to a rapidly changing business world.

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Profile: David Provoost (France)

ISG 2016 David ProvoostMy name is David Provoost, I am a 24 years old French guy young graduate from engineering school in 2015. I am an electronical engineer specialized in embedded systems. I have done my graduation internship of engineering school at Altran Technologies in Strasbourg, in electronical development and electronical conception of medical imaging.

After my engineering diploma I wanted to learn more about companies in general in order to get a dual expertise in both technique and management. The reason why I enrolled myself at ISG after 5 years of engineering school is simple. The technical experiences I’ve had, either at school or in a company, made me work with a product on a concrete project, but never beyond that. It is totally normal, but it was then very frustrating to create something you know very well and not follow its evolution once it could be launched on the market.

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Profile: Betsy Torres (Colombia)

ISG 2016 betsy torres
My name is Betsy Torres. I’m from Colombia (Bogotá), I’m Public Account and my undergraduate education is with a double program that includes a Master Degree in Financial Management and also this MBA. I have experience in financial and administration areas but working specially with organizations related with the environment conservation, I think that since my professional skills can contribute with the environment care, so the sustainable development is a topic really interesting for me, actually I took some studies about the evaluation of the environment impact of projects, and now my thesis work is about compensation strategies. To continue with the information about me, I can tell that about the languages that I speak, in this case are Spanish, English (improving), and Portuguese.

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* Tell us who you are and what you expect

students faces covered small group

Registered students are asked to prepare:

1, Short bio note with your background, country of origin, language(s), education to date and current/eventual career expectations or hopes – 100-200 words, with photo please

2. Paragraph or so giving your first definition/understanding of sustainable development, and finally a

3. Short statement setting out your  reasons for signing up and well as your expectations, hopes for the course (A paragraph or so will do).  

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Profile: Jong Ho Seo (South Korea)

Photo Jong Ho SeoMy name is Jong Ho Seo. I am Korean and 23 years old. I left Korea when I was 14 years old to Ireland where I completed my high school.

It was really difficult for me at the beginning to integrate into Irish cultures and to learn English. After completing my high school in Ireland, I decided to come to Paris to continue my education. I got my bachelor degree in finance at ISG. Currently, I am setting up my own business in Paris and at the same time I am doing MBA at ISG.

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Profile: Jeisson Andrés Balaguera Alape (Colombia)

Profil - Jeisson Andrés BalagueraMy name is Jeisson Andrés Balaguera Alape, I am 24 years old, I am professional working proficiency English, I was born in the Bogotá – Colombia.

About my education I am candidate for IMBA of the International Business School ISG du París (France), and Masters in Finance of the EAN Univerity (Colombia) also I am Business Administration of the EAN University 2012 (Colombia) and Bachelor of Business of the Université du Quebec A Chicoutimi UQAC (Canadá) 2013.

I have experience in finance and investment with respect to financial statement analysis, projections and/or company valuations, and structuring, portfolio selection and evaluation of management investment also organizational management and processes gestion, I worked at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and Values AAA S.A.S

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Profile. Rudolf Nikolas Flais Bravo (Chile)

Photo Rodolph FlaisHe was born on March 8, 1989 in the city of Santiago, Chile. His childhood was spent in a commune of Santiago (Puente Alto southeast of the city), studied at a college of different ideas because it was secular and much contact with nature (school where they had different types of animals interacting with students).

At age 11 years was changed southwest side of Santiago, San Bernardo which even today is a kind of village within the city, due to their work schedules and times which the people involved (timetables in Santiago are continuous from 9am to 9pm, in the case of San Bernardo times are from 9 am-1pm then from 4pm to 7pm); I lived here until today.

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Profile. Max Sprenger (Netherlands)

Photo Max SprengerMy name is max sprenger I am a 23 years old dutch national. I am fluent in English, French and Dutch. I was born in the North of Holland in Alkmaar.

At the age of 10 I moved to France. There I did a classic French education. I did my collège and lycée in Versailles. This where I obtained my Bacchalauréat in business administration.

From there I followed up with a BA in computer science at the University of Versailles but decided to stop after a few months. The fact that I would be completely absorbed by my machine for the rest of my career made me rethink my career choice. I wanted something more social. I wanted more human interaction but still with a technical side.

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Profile: Codruta Grosu (Romania)

Photo Codruta GrosuMe in brief:

  • 27 years old
  • Romanian investment professional
  • 5 years’ experience in Paris, Barcelona, Brasov
  • Expertise in cost analysis, sales negotiation, property management
  • MBA (graduation in 2015) major in Strategic Management
  • Creative, detailed oriented and result driven
  • Currently working in Paris for General Electric Capital
  • Fluent in English, proficient in Spanish, French and Romanian native

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Profile: Maria Angelica Mejia (Colombia)

Photo Maria Angelica MejiaI was born in Colombia, my mother tongue Is Spanish, with an upper-intermediate level of English. My Bachelor degree is in International business, I am studying an IMBA in ISG, and a Master in Finance management in Colombia. I have always worked in Banks in the foreign trade area, but when I return to Colombia I want to start to apply all my new knowledge in a multinational company.

In the future I want to have my own consulting company involving the foreign trade, management and finance.

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