Africa Streets and MOBILIZE, Dar es Salaam, 26-28 June 2018

HELP WANTED to bring Africa Streets to Dar es Salaam for the 26-28 June 2018 ITDP MOBILIZE events

Dear Friends of sustainable transport, sustainable cities and sustainable lives, greetings,

Here is what I want to do for our common cause and that just may interest you.. It is a long shot, but after half a day of turning the ideas around in my mind I decided to give it a try and seek counsel on this from our 10k plus international readers..   Let’s have a look.

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David Provoost, ISG 2016: On Understanding the Link between Sustainable Development and Big Data for Business

big date world parameters - devicepharm

“Big Data” is a term referring to all the massive amount of information with which people can work in this 21st Century. It is fundamentally different from the casual denomination of “simple” or “historic” data because there is such a huge mass of information generated with Big Data that normal tools of treatment cannot deal with it. This change in the data itself is due to the technological revolution we call “digitalization”.

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Iryna Poliukhovych: Feminism and Sustainable Development in the Ukraine

Ukraine femnist posterMs. Poliukhovych is the first person from this year’s promotion to submit her term pepper in fulfillment of the condition of the course. Her title: Feminism and Sustainable Development in the Ukraine. Below you will find an excerpt from an early section of the report  which deals with the history of the women’s movement in her country. The full report will be available here at the same time the others are finalized (by or before 9 July)

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scratching-headThis for-credit graduate course is proposed as a collaborative learning process which combines the usual classroom sessions with a somewhat ambitious internet support platform, the goal of which is to explore the topic of Sustainable Development, Economy & Democracy with a class of graduate IMBA students of the Institut Supérieur de Gestion in Paris. The classes are conducted in a round table setting, with full computer and communications support for all participants. Students are required to participate in a selection of assignments in the week prior to the actual seminar, and have to the end of the month  to prepare and submit  a term paper.

  • If you click to you will be taken to all of the postings and various instructions intended to prepare you to get best value out of the 2016 ISG seminar. If you work your way through these you will be fully prepared  and ready to go  as we sit down together to try to understand one of the world’s most complex and pressing challenges, starting  at 09:00 on Day 1, 9 June 2018. Continue reading

* Schedule and Work Plan

Work Plan - man figure and listSchedule:

Master Class: 9-11 June 2016.  (Grade credit: 60% – includes all required written submittals)

Location: ISG, 8, rue de Lota 75116 Paris

Final paper: (Grade credit: 40%)
Due on or before 30 June 2016

Course organization

The seminar takes place over three consecutive eight-hour days, opening each morning at 09:00 sharp, with a one hour break for lunch and then to go on to 18:00. The classes will take place at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion, 8, rue de Lota 75116 Paris. (See map.)

The seminar is organized in six four-hour sessions: from 09:00 to 13:00, and from 14:00 to 18:00. You will find the main topics of each session indicated in the following.  Detailed agenda for each session  will be distributed, discussed and finalized during the course of  the first session on Thursday morning, thus giving each student a chance to make their voice heard and help shape the agenda. Sustainable development requires first class communication and team work; so we might as well start here.

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* Session Reports and Rapporteurs

sustainable develoment cover - rapporteurFor each of our six sessions, we nominate one of our number to serve as rapporteur: their task being to follow closely the discussions and presentations during their assigned four-hour session, and to prepare a short report of activities, presentation, discussions, findings, conclusion and, if any, recommendations.

The objective in each case is to “report to your boss who is interested but cannot attend”. This approach is intended to ensure that the rapporteurs do not only make lists of topics presented, but that you show understanding and judgement. This is a situation in which you will find yourself often in your careers, so let’s get started today. This exercise will be taken into account in determining the final mark for the course.

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* Quick Reports

As part of the collaborative learning process each member of the class is required to prepare and to the class two  Quick Reports  on some aspect of our topic in which you tackle a topic, author, event,  institution or school of thought, which you then summarize, analyze and present with your comments to the others for their attention and critical reactions.


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* Defining Figures (Quick reports)

Sustainable development, the topic of our seminar, is pure concept.  It is not a “fact” as such; it is rather an ongoing and ever shifting interpretation of an planet sustainability esl-educationimperfectly understood complex system. And as such it is defined by human minds.  To get the ball rolling on this important aspect of the sustainability phenomenon here you have a very personal and very incomplete  list of a number of the people who in my view are collectively defining the field.  With  all the necessary contradictions that entails.  The one-click references are in each case to Wikipedia, and are presented as only a starting point to understand  the contributions that these splendid people are making to our more than challenging topic.

Any such listing will ultimately be very personal, even if it has been carried out by a committee, which was definitely not the case here. I have developed this particular personal pantheon of independent  thinkers, writers and doers who in my view have been among the leading influences in the move over the last half century from (a) a world not giving much attention to the broader implications of our collective choices and actions, to (b) the one that we live in today where we are at long last starting to become more aware that much of what we do, or make done, actually does impact on the future our small planet and others in many and often drastic ways.

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* Attestation of Original Intellectual Property

*               Sustainable Development, Economy & Democracy

ISG 2016 Graduate Seminar

Attestation of Original Intellectual Property

(All students are required to sign and return the following attestation with their final report)

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Update: Progress report and follow-up of 21 March 2015

Let’s see if this can help you catch up on this lasts stages of your work and learning experience on our challenging topic. Let’s start if we can all see where things stand with the course today.

  1. Progress report: The following summarizes the assignments I have received from you and posted to our site thus far. It may well be that I have not received and posted some of these.  If you can see that I have missed something from you on this chart, please let me have your latest and best submittals. My error will be corrected. Thank you

Class progress 21mar14

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