This section, while containing many useful references has sprawled beyond any recognizable shape. For now it is used for piecemeal reference, but in the year ahead we need to clean it up, complete the most important  entries, cut out the slack, and give the 2018 classES a clearer set of reference points. If of course their time and interest permit.

The goal of this dashboard is to see how we can make use of some of the capabilities and tricks of the internet, in order to extend the reach of the three-day class room program, including very definitely the preparatory week that will be so important to guarantee the success of what is, after all, a collaborative learning exercise.

We are here to learn, and for this we need not only lectures, individual presentations, group discussions and challenging assignments, but also a base of “print” information which can help us dig into the issues and the means for dealing with them. Since this is a  class  without a textbook, all this becomes particularly  important. You will see how this works if you now run your cursor over each of the sections just to your right here on the top menu.

And if you have questions, well get in touch and ask them: or Skype: ericbritton.


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