Key Links & Resources

In support of the research component of this project, we have started to build up what should in time develop into quite a useful library of links to what we regard as outstanding sources of activity and information in the sectors we are investigating here. It is our hope that the students will spend a fair amount of time reviewing, pondering  and working with them, especially in the early stages in which they are starting to get their research and projects in order. And for our part we shall continue to work on this important research tool in the months ahead.

Note 1: You will find the directories of the links in the lower half of each page on this site, with a keyed “contents” just to your right here.

Note 2: If you let your cursor linger over the link address you will see in each case a descriptive note on the entry content.

Note 3: And remember this: you are invited to share your best links with us and all the others. If you send on simply the URL and the name, we will do the rest. Thanks in advance.

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