These are the languages spoken by people in this class. We have popped in the Google Translate links in the top menu here with a view to seeing if, even with their evident limits, these can be useful to help anyone who may not have full English fluency to get some kind  of useful understanding of the materials available here.

In each case all you have to do is click the language in which you wish to see the rough translation, and it will quickly appear on your monitor.

To be used with caution, but if you need to find out the principal thrust and main lines of any given posting, and are ready to attack them with imagination (detective work), these quick machine translations can be a real help.

Our immediate target for this is not the members of the class per se, but thinking of others who may wish to come here to study and use the materials posted on this “electronic classroom” from a distance. We shall ask the class to share their views on this.


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