Real sustainability may not make business sense??

This short article on the business case for sustainability by Charles  appeared in the Guardian on 8 January and the full text is available at  You may wish to give particular attention to the copious discussions at

street sign no cars Guardian

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How to tell a sustainable business from a greenwashing one: Interview

Interview with Paul Gilding

Ahead of the Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development, environmentalist and author Paul Gilding speaks to Eco-Business in a wide-ranging interview on the global climate crisis and human nature, and how some businesses will die in the next decade to make way for sustainable ones.

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And in 2014 we shall be spending some time looking at . . . Slow Food

This will be one of several thinking exercises that will be introduced into the curriculum for 2014.

Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization with supporters in 150 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment. Slow Food believes that everyone has a fundamental right to the pleasure of good food and consequently the responsibility to protect the heritage of biodiversity, culture and knowledge that make this pleasure possible.

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SDES 2001 Master Class – Final reports

Authors, countries, titles of final reports for Sustainable Development, Economy and Society 2013

Note: All these reports have been placed in the SDES course library at writing on computer - fair use, however since they are the private property of the student you will not be able to access them directly there. If on the other hand you would like to see their report, please get in touch via and your request will be transferred to the author.

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Fair Use, Copyright, Citation and Original Work

- From updated section of : SDES Final Report Guidelines (

writing on computer - fair useBefore we get into the details, let me plead with you to be very careful as you prepare your working materials and start to  write, to be extremely careful to acknowledge your sources in the proper way. You are the author so the words must be yours. We live in an era of such enormous availability of materials on just about any subject, and all that often only one easy click away. But we also have minds. So please show me in your paper how you use your mind and acknowledge all those sources in the appropriate way

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Report: The Nexus of Food, Energy and Water

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SD Timeline 2011 – 2012 : Delphine Tas

* Click for Timeline 2011-2012. Delphine Tas

Rent Seeking and Transportation Service Innovations

impossible - Steve Blank on Rent seekersThis double blog reposting on this important topic is worthy of our readers’ attention on several grounds. Here at World Streets we are, after all, in a very real way in the transportation service innovations business, that being a key underpinning of the transition and the “politics of transport in cities”.  We recommend you consult it in two passes: the first being to read below the full text of Dave King’s concise commentary that appeared yesterday, 26 June, in “Getting from here to there”. And from there you may wish to move on to the full piece of Steve Blank in the Berkeley blog – click here.

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Marie-Cécile Le Breton: My Ecological Footprint

isg - eco footprint le breton

Final Report Plan: James Hanson

Sustainable Development and Curbing  Corruption in  Third World Countries

I will like to confirm once again that what I will like to do in my report is to use the sustainable  development as tool to curb down corruption and bring the economic advantage to third world countries.

In this class we saw how to manage and respect the limited resources available to us . We were also introduced to many  laws and regulations so I will like to go round and  use this in another way.

Thus instead of giving them all the needed help to develop I will rather wish that funds are giving in terms of which materials are needed to perform that particular function to prevent misuse diversion of funds and resources for example form international co-operative bodies to be the only  outflow and inflow of  money and goods.

This should be done with legal consent of the countries involved.

Profile: James Alva Hanson, Ghana

ISG - James Alva HansonMy name is James Alva Hanson and I am from Ghana.  I speak English and French, and have a BBA  degree [Bachelor of Business Administration].  My present occupation is a training assistant and in parallel with my job  I am a candidate for an MBA at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion in Paris.

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James Hanson: My Ecological Footprint


isg - eco footprint  james Hanson

Final Report Plan: Gustavo Chamorro

Final work plan - G. Chamorro* Click here for Final work plan – Gustavo Chamorro



Final work plan – Gustavo Chamorro

Final Report Plan: Tingyu Liu

Use Psychology in Sustainable Development


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Some psychological cases in sustainable development
  3. Texting bans: psychological factors consolidate SD measures
  4. Piano stairs: psychological factors weaken SD measures
  5. Psychology Theory involved in sustainable development
  6. How to make use of these psychological factors?
  7. Recommendation for more effective changes in SD: “Make the changes psychologically preferred.”

# # #

china sd taichi

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ISG Session 6 Report. 8 June 14:00 – 18:00

isg - Tingyu LIU- Class Rapporteur: Tingyu LIU

Mr. Daniel Laprès gave us a speech on “The Challenge of Sustainable Development for China”.  His key points and conclusion are as follows:

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SD Timeline 1999-2004 : Tingyu Liu

SD Timeline - Tingyu Liu

* Click for SD Timeline 1999-2004. Tingyu Liu

Tingyu Liu: My Ecological Footprint

isg - eco footprint  Tingyu LIU - Italy


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Quick report: Aissatou Diallo on Photovoltaics in Gabon

Quick Report -  Aissatou Diallo - cover

* Click here for Quick Report of Aissatou Diallo

Final Report Plan: Yudy Artunduaga

The “best” way of raising awareness in a small town in Colombia called Neiva.

Final Report Outline

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SD Timeline 1962-1970: Aissatou Diallo

isg - Tmeline  1962-1970

* Click for SD Timeline 1962 t0 1970 – Aissatou Diallo

Final Report Plan: Anh Ngoc

Report on wealth disparity in Vietnam

For my final report, I will do a thorough study on wealth disparity in Vietnam. The objectives of my report will be to answers these questions:

  • What is wealth disparity and how it related with sustainable development
  • What are the measurement and indicators of wealth disparity?
  • What is the current situation of Vietnam?
  • What are the causes of wealth disparity in Vietnam?
  • What are the impacts of wealth disparity on the country
  • How to solve the problem?

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Anh Ngoc: My ecological footprint

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