ISG IMBA Class of March 2015: Getting Started

Since we are tackling in three short days a topic of such gargantuan complexity and overarching importance that it is eluding the world’s best and brightest statesmen, scholars, scientists, governments, international organizations, corporations, NGOs, the media, civil society, and caring citizens, the least we can do is to make sure that we get our basic organization in shape so as to take best advantage of our short time together.



 Signs of global warming in Australia

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2015 Student profiles

Registered students are required to prepare and submit prior to 4 March latest  (a) timeline-eb-smalla one page bio note with your background, country of origin, language(s), education to date and current career expectations or hopes, (b) photo, (c) a one paragraph or so definition of sustainable development and its relationship if any to the business community, and finally (d)  a short statement setting out your expectations, hopes for the course (A paragraph will do).  

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Cross-Current: On the Productive Link between Energy and a Robust Economy

Originally posted on Exernomics: On Energy, Economy and Growth:

USA Skip LaitnerSkip Leitner is the first guest contributor whom we are proud to welcome to the important Cross-Currents section of Exernomics.  Cross-Currents is intended to serve as a tribune for readers and colleagues who are working to develop new ideas and perspectives on the important topics focused on here — Energy, Growth and Democracy —  to share their work and ideas with our growing network of international readers. We welcome critical discussion and creative disagreement.

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Why are all these people in all these places reading SDED?

SD reader map 30jun14

Recent SDED Visitors Map – as per 3 July 2014

What you have here is a modest shared public educational platform being run with close to zero resources, all while looking at  a very arcane and generally muddy area of public policy and practice.  As it happens it is being consulted more often than we would have guessed at first (since our goal was in fact to provide supporting information and guidance for the SDED Master Classes). Yet on any given day anywhere from a dozen to well more than 100 people may check into the site.  Ten leading countries s in order: France, USA, UK. India, Poland, Taiwan, Israel, Sweden, Uganda and Iceland.

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Term Paper Topic Ideas

combined-search-engineThe term paper is the heart of the course and the learning process behind it. We ask you to start organizing your thinking on this even before you come into the seminar the first time on Thursday morning. The present website is content rich and sets out a number of clues and ideas for this that you may find useful.

And to the extent that this is agreeable to you, we would like to ask you at the very least to consider having at least some of the report dealing with ideas concerning the relationship between sustainable development and the problems, attitudes and opportunities within your own country. This however is your choice, so now let us get on with this short list, which in point of fact represent the curiosity of your professor who is curious to have the benefit of your thoughts on these topics

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Previous Term Paper Topics

ISG class 2013 - 2One of the strongest points of these ISG Master classes is that each year the students come from such a wide range of backgrounds and places. This gives us an opportunity to share ideas and views that reflect these often considerable personal and cultural  differences and as a result, greatly enrich the learning process. Here by way of example are a selection of titles and countries of author origin of some of the previous term papers submitted in past seminars.

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